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Hi welcome to scha roslan's blogger :) I'm not the perfect one. But, im trying to be the perfect. Please be nice here ok! Do follow me and enjoy your reading :)

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I just love you Shafiq :')
Wednesday, 24 October 2012 , 20:18 , 0 Comment[s]

Actually kiteorng couple 23.11.2012 :) Yes you're mine. Its started from bbm ♥ One night, dia datang rumah scha. First I look at him, I feel so so so....erghh :'B MELTING! you know what, lepas dia balik dari rumah scha dia terus call and then dia mintak scha jadi Someone special XD wow its ohhsemmmm! He promise me   everything :) And I hope its true. I go to sleep thinking of you, I wake up thinking of you, whatever I do I think of you, I just can't seem to get you out of my mind. I hope you're the best guy that i found :) Shafiq, you make my heart beat really fast XD hihi. Doakan yang terbaik untk kami :) Harap kekal bahagia selalu. Amin. 

                Iloveyouuu shafiq ♥  Not only for what you're, but for what I'am when I'am with you :)