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Hi welcome to scha roslan's blogger :) I'm not the perfect one. But, im trying to be the perfect. Please be nice here ok! Do follow me and enjoy your reading :)

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I want boyfriend :'(((
Friday, 30 November 2012 , 06:30 , 0 Comment[s]

What? You're SINGLE?! HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAAAA me too :( Okay now mesti korng tertnye tnye relationship scha kan. For your information, I'M SINGLE :) Okay scha single dah lame dah actually. Lonely :( Lepas Scha break dgn Asyraf tu, Scha tak rasa nak couple pun. Entah lah rasa mcm dah giveup :) Pintu hati ni dah tertutup, ecehh. Scha try couple dgn orng lain lepas Break dgn Asyraf tapi perasaan tu mcm takda :d Last Scha couple dgn Syafiq and now dah break up :') Argh, boring sgt scha rasa bila couple. Hahahaha pelik. I'm Single because God is busy writing the best Love Story for me :) Sometimes single ni, mmg sangat membosankan :( Tapi nak buat mcm mana kan :'D Seriously, Scha harap sgt time befday scha 7/12 ni scha ada boyfie :( Nak sambut befdayy dgn BOYPRENGGGG :'((( hmm. For you guys, jangan lupa wish birthday scha okay :* Present sekali kalau boleh hahahahaahahahaa. Love much! bye